C A L D E R A ...P O R T ...


Caldera, recently Tourist and Industrial Harbour of Atacama region, it is located in 27º 4’ of west longitude and of 70º 51’ of South Latitude. It has a population of 13 thousands inhabitants. This town is located to 75 kilometre of Copiapó, Capital of Atacama Region. It is bound on the north by Chañaral province; on the South, by Huásco Province, on the East by Copiapó town and, on the west by the Pacific Ocean. It is a natural harbour of Chile along with Corral, Talcahuano, Coquimbo, Iquique and Arica.

It’s name (caldera = boiler) was given by the scattered hollow stones in the place, which have been erosionated by the wind (taffoni) and in its voids was stored water of matinal fog which warmed and evaporated with the noon sun. For Caldera is very important the mechanized clean Harbour. Throughout this harbour, which is operated by an automatic form, annually 450.000 tons of concentrated are embarked. Two or three ships monthly can load between 10.000 to 35.000 tons each time. The dock can received chips of up to 200 meters long and a stalls of 10.5 meters maximum; the maximum depth of dockage is 15.8 meters.

"The modern conception that it was constructed does that Caldera can give opportunities of job such as: fishing, mining, tourism, etc".